Family Vacation 2012 – Puerto Princesa

Photos from our family vacation last December 2012! It was also a celebration for my birthday, my parent’s anniversary, my dad’s birthday, and Christmas. It was my gift for them and my brother actually helped me with the expenses too, by partially paying for the airfare and for all the nomnoms.

While I am by no means a travel expert and cannot boast plenty of stamps in my passport, I am quite proud on how I was able to organize our family vacation without me spending excessively. It was smooooth (except for the part where I had to wake up very early for tours) and budget-friendly. Puerto Princesa is such a beautiful and tourist-friendly city and we were quite surprised how passionate they all are in preserving their wonderful “city in a forest”. Continue reading

Nicole’s 18th Birthday

Just random photos from my cousin’s 18th birthday. It was a nice laid-back party with live music courtesy of my talented brother and uncles and friends lol, Taekwondo showcase since Nicole is a blue belt and her brother and sister are both black belts; and lots of dancing. ¬†Also, I am lazy to photoshop now. Sorry.

Before the party (like daaaays before):







During the party:

Nicole and the band opened with “Black Sheep” from Scott Pilgrim vs The World (not the Metric version) and it did set a pretty good tone for the rest of the party. My brother Josh is not in this photo, he was on the leftmost part.

Josh and the band were also part of the 18 love songs, he sang “Love Song” by 311. Choi (other eyeglasses guy on the guitar) sang a song by Norah Jones; Kel did “There is a Light That Never Goes Out” by The Smiths/Anberlin cover, and Nino (guy who turned back) did some pop song I can’t remember. Tito Dheck (Nicole’s dad) sang “God is Able” but already towards the end of the program, not during the 18 love songs.

And now! The mandatory family photo! The t-shirt was my parent’s idea (and my money). I don’t know where and what my dad at is looking but I like this photo.

One Day, Three Autumns

One Day, Three Autumns
a Chinese idiom that is used when you miss someone so much, one day feels as long as three years.

It’s been a day since B went back to Germany. I was quite inconsolable last Tuesday night after he sent his last local text message to me. It dawned on me how much I was used to his presence and how difficult it would be to move on without him next to me. I hate missing him so much and I just want to see him again. One day really feels like forever.

I am quite blessed with the support group I have though; my parents did not say anything, my mom just hugged me and let me cry and cry and cry. My dad tried to find and fix his Bluetooth headset that I can use to Skype with B on my old tablet (because I lost my iPhone T_T). Josh offered to go with me on Jiu Jitsu classes. My (few but great) friends immediately sent text/twitter/facebook messages telling me that we should all go out. Everyone I knew were empathetic and understanding, and I am thankful for that.

But Basti was/is still the best support I had/have. He assured me that everything will be fine and made me feel safe about this relationship up to the very last minute of his stay here. He made me the greatest scrapbook I have ever seen filled with several memories, with it are the most re-assuring letters. I cry because I will miss him but I also cry because I am deeply overwhelmed by what we share and by how strong the connection is.

I wish the world was flat like the old days, and I could travel just by folding the map
No more airplanes or speed-trains or freeways. There’d be no distance that could hold us back

Update: We already had a video call last night when he got home! His family was right there, on the other side of the world Skype-ing with me and my family here. My dad even set-up his laptop for me to use (and Josh had to stop downloads to ensure good video quality, hihi). It was SO awesome, I tell you.

I left for work this morning and my mom asked me, “do you feel a little better now?” And yes, I do feel better. Because I believe in us and there are more super awesome things ahead.

Basti’s family and friends welcome him back home. Hihi (Sorry love, but I had to post this)

The Dog Days

Dear blog,

I was crying the entire weekend. I was crying while on the cab, while drinking tea, while taking shower and so on. I cry every now and then, at any random moment, for as long as I remember Beastie, the 2 year old beagle.

I was sitting somewhere in the dining area while I was being told how she looked like before she died. Her legs were heavy that she could not walk, she couldn’t move her head and she just have to give signal thru her expressive eyes. It was the same dining area where I remember rubbing her tummy while she was wearing her Santa Claus costume.

Beastie was not the most obedient dog, she’s very stubborn but very adorable.

She’s quite sociable too. When we took her to Eastwood for the PAWS event, she even had her photo taken along with a Husky, an older Beagle and a Scottish Terrier. She was very very tired that day. But I guess she had fun because I did.

I remember when the breeder kissed her goodbye before placing her on the puppy bag we bought weeks ahead. She did not stay long on that bag as I carried her on my lap on the way home. The next day, I was crying on the floor when she started to rub her tiny self on my feet with a quiet whimper. I sat next to her and she rested her head on my legs, still doing that comforting whimper. While I type this, I remember that maybe that was the feeling John Grogan was writing about when he wrote that eulogy to his Labrador, Marley.

There are many beautiful memories of Beastie that I can recall, but I guess those would not amount to the whatever Case and his family had with her. They gave her a home and took care of her more than I did. Every dog owner knows the feeling when a dog awaits your return, they would start waggling their tails at the mere smell of your presence and jump right at you upon greeting. I never had this kind of moment with her, but someone did. I also cry at the thought of that it will not happen again, not with the same dog.

But there are times that I just had to blame her death to someone. She was my gift to that someone to begin with.

I hope to immortalize her in this post and in every photo of her that I put on the internet. It was an awful lost of a beloved soul, but her death also signals the things that will no longer happen, the relationship that will never mend and the excessive amount of time crying as I attempt let her go along with her owner.